GFOA Becomes Official Supporter of Public Plans Data

GFOA has officially become a supporting partner of the Public Plans Data (PPD) – an online resource for data and information on state and local government retirement plans. GFOA joins fellow PPD partners – the Center for Retirement Research (CRR), National Association of State Retirement Administrators (NASRA), and Mission Square Research (formerly the Center for State and Local Government Excellence) – in the PPD’s mission to provide government retirement plan data to researchers, policy makers, practitioners, and the lay public.  To that end, GFOA is excited to promote the PPD’s recent initiative to provide more data on public sector defined contribution (DC) plans.

To date, the PPD has focused on major state and local government pension plans – tracking over 200 defined benefit (DB) pension plans (roughly two state plans and two city plans in each state) that represent more than 95 percent of all public pension membership and assets.  With the increasing role of DC plans in the government employee retirement landscape, the PPD’s DC data initiative endeavors to provide aggregate high-level statistics (such as total assets, annual contributions and withdrawals, and plan participant counts) for the various 401(k), 401(a), 457(b), and 403(b) plans sponsored by state and local governments.  The DC data also includes information on vesting, employee and employer contribution rates, and the number of investment options.

GFOA appreciates all our members who support the PPD’s DB pension data by providing financial reports and encourages members to support the PPD’s DC plan initiative.  If you are interested in providing plan data for the PPD’s DC initiative, please complete the following form below.