GFOA Seeking Volunteers for O*NET Database

GFOA is soliciting expert volunteers working as treasurers, controllers, accountants, or auditors on behalf of the O*NET Data Collection Program sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor. As the nation's most comprehensive source of occupational data, O*NET is a free resource for millions of job seekers, employers, veterans, educators, and students at

GFOA volunteers have an opportunity to participate in this important initiative and your participation will help ensure that the complexities of your profession are described accurately in the O*NET database for the American public.

If you meet the following criteria and would like to volunteer to participate, please contact Nicole Glass at or (919) 926-6533 and provide:

  • Relevant Occupation (treasurers and controllers OR accountants and auditors)
  • Address with City and State
  • Daytime Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Company Name and Title 

Criteria to participate:

  • Have at least one year of professional experience working in the occupation.
  • Have a minimum of five years combined professional experience practicing, training, teaching, and/or supervising others who perform in the occupation.
  • Are currently, actively, involved in the occupation (by practicing, training, teaching, and/or supervising others who perform in the occupation), and based in the United States.

A random sample of experts responding to this request will be invited to complete a set of questionnaires. Experts who are selected and agree to participate will receive $40.00 in cash and an oak-framed certificate of appreciation from the U.S. Department of Labor.