GFOA's Leadership Development Scholarship Application

The GFOA Leadership Development Scholarship (GLDS) program is available to assist working professionals with funding to advance their careers in public finance. Current members of GFOA (excluding student, associate, and international members) are eligible to apply for a scholarship to cover training and/ or travel costs for the following trainings:

The training needs to be in the future from the date the application is submitted (see review schedule to see when your application will be reviewed). Submitting an application does not guarantee funds. If awarded, funds will be distributed after the event has occurred. Verification of attendance required. Awardees must submit expenses within 90 days of attending the training.

Review Cycles

The GLDS review committee evaluates applications on a biannual basis. The current review schedule is:

Application Window

Applications Reviewed

Scholars Notified

January 1 - June 30

July 1 - 15

August 1

July 1 - December 31

January 1 - 15

February 1