Hero Award Spotlight: Albert Stanley

Albert serves as Chief Financial Officer, City of Ventnor, New Jersey

Photo of Albert.

During the pandemic, Albert was instrumental in keeping the City operating, functioning, and the Finance department working:

  • He was key in finding and procuring protective gear for essential personnel, fire, and police.
  • Albert went into the City office when all others were quarantined to handle what needed to be done and the public as needed. Only having been hired in January 2019, he swiftly learned functions of his direct reports, so he could serve as back-up, which COVID made a reality.
  • He is the City’s CMFO as well as the City’s QPA. He facilitated keeping critical infrastructure safe. He saw that vendors and employees were paid.
  • Albert managed to reorganize and rededicate the remaining staff to ensure tasks were covered. He reviewed existing functions, practices and processes, and re-invented the Finance office, all which benefited the City departments served as well as the taxpayers.