Hero Award Spotlight: Susan Gooding-Liburd

Susan Gooding-Liburd is Chief Financial Officer for the City of Miramar, Florida

Susan Gooding-Liburd photo
  • Susan launched the City of Miramar’s GO Local Government Academy, which allows residents and other interested occupants an opportunity to learn how their local government works and how they could get involved in their city.
  • She implemented new programs for the City of Miramar resulting in new recurring revenue of over one million from the investment diversification and the Purchasing Card program.
  • As part of a Financial Literacy Pilot Program, Susan taught fifth grade students about money management, budgeting, and investing at a local elementary school.
  • She founded the not-for-profit, Community Care Community Share, in honor of her late parents. The foundation assists needy families, the elderly, schools, churches in her native island of Tobago, West Indies, since 2014.
  • Susan published her first book, Sue’s Funny Money, and is currently working on her second book. Sue’s Funny Money provides young people with the basis for learning about savings and how money works.