Hero Award Spotlight: Matthew Trine

Matthew is Assistant City Manager/Finance Director, City of Rockledge, Florida

Photo of Matthew Trine

While this award is for 2021, the leadership, service, and perseverance Matt has demonstrated to the City have gone on for years:

  • A natural disaster hit the County in October 2016—Hurricane Matthew. Since Matt served as a director over Finance, Risk Management and IT, he immediately worked on the FEMA paperwork.
  • In September 2017 Hurricane Irma hit Florida. Matt handled all of the FEMA paperwork for the City again.
  • In March/April 2018, the City began a major enterprise software conversion for the entire City. The conversion took six to eight months for training and implementation to be completed.
  • Matt began the process of lining up the City’s chart of accounts with the State’s chart of accounts, which lasted several months and into 2019 in time for the end of fiscal year 2019 and the audit. The City received the Certificate of Achievement for Excellence for Financial Reporting for the first time.
  • The pandemic hit in March 2020. Matt helped the City by monitoring their revenue streams almost weekly and monthly. He also worked to get their fixed assets in even better shape within their new software program.