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Recovery from Financial Distress and Fiscal First Aid: GFOA's 12-Stage Financial Recovery Process

The Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) is pleased to provide, "Recovery from Financial Distress and Fiscal First Aid," a resource for dealing with challenging times. 

Here you can learn about recovering from financial distress by:

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Praise for the GFOA Financial Recovery Website

"The GFOA Financial Recovery website is an exceptional tool that can be used to solve problems and to educate those involved in the budget process."  -Bob Eichem, Finance Director, City of Boulder, Colorado
“Finally, a concise, one-stop shopping resource for government finance. The GFOA Financial Recovery site puts the problems and the answers in language we can all understand. I would recommend this website for any government, of any size.”  -Louis Boglioli, Financial Services Assistant Director, City of Stewart Florida
"The GFOA Financial Recovery website is outstanding. The content is very informative, but what I found most impressive was how easy it was to get the answers to my questions. We all know that there is now an overload of information on the Internet and the GFOA site makes the information extremely accessible."  -Vivian McGettigan, Chief Internal Auditor, Prince William County Public Schools
“Wow! The GFOA Financial Recovery appears to cover just about any aspect of recovering from financial stress that there is and is laid out in a very organized and easy to follow manner. This will be a welcome resource to any government."  -A State Auditor General
"The GFOA Financial Recovery site is very complete and expansive. I believe this is a great tool for governments."  -Mike Bailey, Finance Director, City of Redmond, Washington