Scholarships Available for IPWEA's Professional Certificate in Infrastructure Financial Management


GFOA and the Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia (IPWEA) have entered into an agreement to advance asset management training.  Australia is the international leader in governmental asset management and has been leading the way in national standards and training for governmental financial professionals in this work.  One of IPWEA's flagship training programs is the Professional Certificate in Infrastructure Financial ManagementThrough this partnership, GFOA is offering two full scholarships for members to participate in this training starting in late August.


The structure of the class is six asynchronous online modules over seven weeks.  These modules will be released one per week (September 5 through October 17), and you will have flexibility in completing the weekly class.  Class completion time per week is approximately four hours. There will also be two live Q&A sessions (September 27 and October 19) to enhance learning and allow participants to engage with international experts and classmates.  The final project (due November 7) is a Long Term Financial Plan incorporating asset and infrastructure stewardship coupled with financial sustainability indicators.

Learning Outcomes

The course will allow participants to become certified in Infrastructure Financial Management and provide valuable instruction in multiple areas including, but not limited to:

  • Exploring how infrastructure financial management fits into ongoing infrastructure service delivery.
  • Adopting a stewardship approach to managing infrastructure in a financially sustainable manner.
  • Demonstrating the benefits and linkages of asset management plans to long-term financial planning compared to an annual budgeting approach.
  • Connecting the service, cost, and risk trade-offs in the asset management plan with the financial strategy.
  • Explaining the utilization of current values for infrastructure assets in developing financial strategies.
  • Interrogating consistent and appropriate performance measures for informed decision-making and reporting.
  • Development of a long-term financial plan that incorporates asset management and infrastructure stewardship for utilization in both the CIP and annual operating and capital budgets.

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Ready to apply? The deadline is August 1.