Accountant: Restricted Fund

Accountant: Restricted Fund
Frederick County Public Schools Financial Reporting - Fiscal Services Department
 Frederick, Maryland
Job Description

The Accountant: Restricted Fund is a professional position reporting directly to the Financial Reporting Manager. The position is assigned to the designated area of accounting in the Financial Reporting Office. Responsibilities are to provide services of a competent accountant in restricted fund-related areas. The Accountant: Restricted Fund assists in enabling the Financial Reporting Office to fulfill responsibilities for the establishment of budgets, preparation of compliance reports and the maintenance and entries into the financial records of the restricted fund.

Essential Functions

Reporting directly to the Financial Reporting Manager, the Accountant: Restricted Fund performs the following duties (but are not limited to):

  • Coordinates the preparation of specified reports and assists in program implementation.
  • Assists in the preparation of major compliance reports such as the Annual Comprehensive Financial Report (ACFR), and the Single Audit Report, and the MSDE Annual Financial Report.
  • Monitors, assists, or prepares reports both periodic and special.
  • Assists in preparation, the provision of documentation to accompany, and the submission of federal, state, or other local required forms, reimbursement requests, and financial report, as pertinent.
  • Communicates and works with local, state and third party agencies, as required.
  • Assists in the implementation and coordination of accounting systems, fiscal procedures and related matters.
  • Plans, directs and administers the general accounting, financial analysis, and construction fund-related functions of the Financial Reporting Department in accordance with applicable laws, rules, regulations, policies, and procedures.
  • Implements and applies generally accepted accounting principles in the department functions.
  • Controls and reviews records, which make up accounts for the related restricted fund general ledger, and reconciles said general ledger to detailed trial balances.
  • Analyzes accounts for restricted fund as required. Meets with various internal financial user groups to communicate the results of such analysis.
  • Reviews and prepares monthly journal entries for necessary accounting adjustments, confers with the Financial Reporting Manager on difficult or controversial entries.
  • Reports monthly expenditures to MSDE for reimbursement.
  • Assists with Blueprint Reporting requirements as needed.
  • Monitors and assists in the preparation of restricted fund data for posting.
  • Develops, receives and audits monthly reports.
  • Assists in analysis of various other accounts as assigned.
  • Prepares ongoing budget-to-actual analysis of restricted fund activity.
  • Prepares and analyzes year-end grant projections.
  • Monitors grant spending against approved C-1-25 as applicable.
  • Responsible for the restricted fund year-end close process.
  • Monitors restricted project appropriations, and communicates with the Financial Reporting Manager of any issues.
  • Monitors coding for accuracy on payroll, fringe, requisitions, purchase orders, and vouchers.
  • Analyzes procurement card and single use account spend on grants for determining applicable rebate
  • Prepares the indirect rate cost calculation each year.
  • Assists and monitors to ensure grant spending is compliant with grantor-imposed restrictions.
  • Processes invoices for restricted projects, as applicable.
  • Assists in determining the needs and requirements of the department in order to complete the specified goals/objectives of the department. Makes suggestions for improvements in the operation or maintenance of fund-related and/or the general accounting.