Accounting Services Coordinator

Accounting Services Coordinator
Waukesha County Department of Health and Human Services
 Waukesha, Wisconsin
Job Description
  1. Develops and prepares a detailed department budget including projections of expenditures and revenues; analysis of alternative funding sources; analysis of program and operating costs; development of fee schedules and service rates; and preparation and presentation of detailed justifications.
  2. Directs the collection, tabulation, and analysis of detailed financial and statistical data for the preparation of complex fiscal reports.
  3. Develops, implements, and maintains department financial policies, procedures, and activities covering receipts, disbursements, cash management, checking and investment accounts, journal entries, fund transfers, internal control, and manages departmental accounts receivable collections.
  4. Coordinates the state and county audits and confers with outside auditors on technical accounting and single audit issues.
  5. Supervises the preparation of detailed and complex financial accounting and statistical reports including those used to claim state or federal reimbursements.
  6. Coordinates and maintains sophisticated computerized accounting systems including design, implementation, maintenance, and enhancements to the systems.
  7. Analyzes new accounting regulations as promulgated by recognized accounting boards and, with approval, implements changes to the accounting system which are necessary for compliance.
  8. .Supervises, selects, assigns, and evaluates employees and handles any personnel issues of the staff.
  9. .Administers the provisions of financial accounting functions including developing and initiating policies and procedures, coordinating work flow and monitoring production, quality, and quantity of output.
  10. Administers grants including preparation of detailed applications and financial and statistical reports.
  11. Monitors the execution of the operating budget, analyzes variances from projected expenditures and revenues, and recommends corrective action to be taken, including the preparation of department ordinances and fund transfers.
  12. Assists in the development and implementation of departmental and inter departmental accounting reporting procedures, accounting formats, and consults with Information Systems personnel regarding necessary revisions to operating systems.
  13. Establishes and maintains a working relationship with general public, agency administrators, federal, state, and local officials, and staff.
  14. Ensures that the services and information produced by the department are accurate, timely, and complete, as well as meet the needs and requirements on a Countywide or major department basis and other agencies.
  15. Performs emergency government duties as assigned in event of Waukesha County Emergency Government declaration.
  16. Performs other duties as required.