Accounting/Fiscal Manager II

Accounting/Fiscal Manager II
State of South Carolina Comptroller General's Office
 Columbia, South Carolina
Job Description

Develops and provides guidance related to the creation of complex governmental financial statements and note disclosures as assigned in accordance with GASB standards to be included in the State's Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) and provides oversight, analysis, and consultation related to the development and production of assigned annual and special complex financial reports.

Provides guidance to the Comptroller General's Office executive management and agency senior fiscal staff related to governmental accounting and reporting issues and solutions with a focus on compilation of government wide and fund financial statements and similar activities.

Develops and provides training for agency fiscal staff related to governmental accounting and financial reporting for the State of South Carolina.

Oversees the review of state agency financial reports for compliance with the Comptroller General's Office reporting policies and procedures.

Performs other duties as assigned.