Budget and Policy Analyst I/II

Budget and Policy Analyst I/II
City of Virginia Beach
 Virginia Beach, Virginia
Job Description

This position may be filled as either a Management and Budget Analyst I or Management and Budget Analyst II depending on the qualifications of the selected applicant. The associated pay grades and ranges are as follows:

Management and Budget Analyst I: $49,670.40 - $75,296.00

Management and Budget Analyst II: $54,828.80 - $ 83,116.80

  • Assist in the Review and Analysis of the Operating Budget and Capital Improvement Program (CIP),
  • Provides Budget Review and Policy Analysis to Top Decision-makers throughout the City Organization,
  • Function as an Internal Consultant to Departments and Leadership,
  • Participate in the Analysis of Departmental Budgets,
  • Review and Analysis of the Fiscal Impact of New and Redevelopment Projects,
  • Research and Evaluation of Policies and Alternatives,
  • Development and Summarization of Financial Information, for Communication with Leadership and Citizens, and recommendations on Revenue,
  • Perform Basic Research for Reports, Major Projects and Program Evaluations,
  • Collaboration with Staff at all Levels of the Organization.

Official City Job Description:


Working Conditions:


Minimum Requirements:

  • MINIMUMS: Bachelors degree in economics, urban affairs, public or business administration and two (2) years of experience utilizing the knowledge, skills, and abilities associated with such positions as management budget analyst, financial analyst, research analyst or administrative analyst OR an equivalent combination of education (above high school level) and/or experience equivalent to six (6) years in fields utilizing the knowledge, skills, and abilities associated with this position.
  • SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: All employees may be expected to work hours in excess of their normally scheduled hours in response to short-term department needs and/or City-wide emergencies.

Additional Requirements:

  • DMV Transcript: Not Required
  • CDL: Not Required
  • DOT History: Not Required
  • CPS Check: Required
  • Physical: Not Required
  • Respirator: Not Required
  • Polygraph Review: Not Required
  • Psychological Screening: Not Required
  • Attachments Required: Required Attachments: Resume and Cover Letter


Qualifications include demonstrated critical thinking skills, strong understanding of public policy and implementation, basic knowledge of budgeting and accounting principles, and general understanding of research and statistical analysis. Experience with research and evaluating programs, public policy analysis, and fiscal impact analyses of projects. Preferred qualifications include a Masters of Public Administration, Economics, or Business.

Special Instructions:

Actual job level (e.g. I or II) will be determined on the qualifications of the selected applicant and made part of the job offer.

The position will be reviewed on an ongoing basis. Once the appropriate applicant pool has been established, it will be closed.

Please complete the application in its entirety. The application is the primary required document used to screen qualifications and years of experience. A resume does not replace a completed application. Fields on the application left blank, including but not limited to job duties, dates of employment, and hours worked, may cause your application to be incomplete.
You will not be able to access the details of this job ad once the closing date has passed. If you would like to retain this information, please take a screen shot or print using your browser's printing capability.

Your responses to any "Supplemental Questions", if attached to this requisition, must be supported by the information you give us in the work experience section of this application. Be sure you are thorough in describing your skills and duties as you complete the work experience section. If the information cannot be verified you will not receive credit.

Please provide a copy of any certifications or related professional licenses.

VRS Contribution: All full-time employees are required to contribute 5% of annual salary toward their retirement account; in accordance with VRS retirement provisions. This will be handled through a pre-tax payroll deduction.