Budget Management Officer

Budget Management Officer
City of Columbus Department of Finance & Management
 Columbus, Ohio
Job Description



Under general direction, is responsible for planning, directing, and coordinating budget activities for the City; performs related duties as required.

EXAMPLES OF WORK (May not include all of the duties performed.)

  • Coordinates and directs City’s budget processes including selecting budget methodology, developing and implementing policies and procedures, and providing training opportunities;
  • Oversees the analysis and review of budget requests and balances budget requests to available resources Citywide;
  • Oversees and monitors the City’s financial status through periodic financial reviews and forecasts prepared by departmental finance staff;
  • Coordinates the preparation of the published overviews of the City’s financial status;
  • Reviews operational and fiscal activities of City departments/divisions and prepares analysis of efficiency/effectiveness of operations;
  • Recommends improvements, reorganization, restructuring cost efficiencies, and productivity enhancements;
  • Oversees the preparation of the executive budget;
  • Coordinates and/or prepares Citywide financial projections for the Director, City Council, or other authority as needed;
  • Supervises budget management and other staff;
  • Directs the preparation of long-term pro forma operating statements.


  • This is a single-position classification to be used only by the Department of Finance and Management.
  • Job Code 0856


  • Possession of a bachelor's degree and five (5) years of professional experience in accounting, finance, budget development, business or public administration, or another related field. Substitution(s): A master's degree in business administration, public administration, or a related field may be substituted for one (1) year of the required experience.


  • Thorough knowledge of cost and governmental accounting principles; thorough knowledge of public finance principles and budgetary practices, statistics, fund accounting, legislative processes, organizational theory, and operating budget preparation; thorough knowledge of revenue and expenditure estimation techniques and evaluation methods; considerable knowledge of computerized budget and accounting systems; considerable knowledge of City operations and organizational structures; ability to prepare comprehensive financial reports and maintain records; ability to plan and coordinate accounting, auditing, and other related activities; ability to evaluate accounting forms, methods, and procedures; ability to analyze highly complex financial and accounting data and draw logical conclusions therefrom; ability to advise administrators regarding important financial matters; ability to develop and maintain cordial working relationships with administrative officials and subordinate employees.

Probationary Period: 365 Days

Examination: Noncompetitive

Job Family/Group: Administrative/Accounting and Finance

EEO/DOJ Job Category: Professional

Class established: 03-26-01

Current spec: 06-26-06

Commission action taken: Review/no change

Last reviewed: 05-26-20

The following is provided for informational purposes only. Compensation is subject to change through the Labor Relations Office of the Human

Resources Department.
Compensation Plan: MCP
Salary: Grade 95
FLSA:Exempt (overtime ineligible)