Chief Accountant - Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

Chief Accountant - Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
Marion County Finance Department
 Salem, Oregon
Job Description

invites applications for the position of:
Chief Accountant - Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
SALARY: $2,724.80 - $3,647.20 Biweekly
$5,903.73 - $7,902.27 Monthly

OPENING DATE: 11/10/21

CLOSING DATE: Continuous


This recruitment has been reopened for additional applicants and will remain open until filled. If you have already applied for recruitment #036-2021-1, you do not need to reapply. New applicants are encouraged to submit applications as soon as possible as this recruitment may close at any time without further notice.


Performs a variety of complex tasks in support of county and departmental program operations and services. Duties emphasize research, analysis, development of recommendations, and writing of county fiscal policy, in accordance with professional auditing standards, in areas such as budgeting and financial planning, organizational analysis, information technology, risk management analysis, and enterprise resource planning.


Works under the general supervision of the Controller who provides general work assignments, projects and program/policy guidelines and evaluates performance through review of work and observation of results obtained.


Supervision of other employees is not a responsibility of positions in this classification. However, the incumbent may lead or coordinate the work of contracted staff, professional, finance, and administrative support staff participating in large scale or system applications processes.


  • Coordinates the work of the independent audit (including the Single Audit), along with preparation of the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report and review of the Schedule of Expenditures of Federal Awards (SEFA). Under the direction of the Controller carry out the annual audit plan while coordinating with the auditors, external contacts (such as actuaries and state agencies) and county department personnel in providing the necessary work papers, interviews, samples, etc., for successful completion of the county audit.
  • Responsible for maintaining the county chart of accounts, ensuring compliance with authoritative requirements and guidelines, best practices and county policies and procedures in order to provide required and useful financial information to meet executive/senior management’s needs and responsibilities.
  • Maintains the county’s full-cost budgetary Cost Allocation Plan and a separate Federally Compliant Cost Allocation Plan. Provides support to the budget team as requested.
  • Coordinates Oracle Financial System activity between IT and Central Finance, such as: patch implementations, system development and improvements, user authorizations, upgrades, operational programming needs, system testing, etc. Participates on or leads project teams for system-wide accounting, purchasing or payroll enhancements of the Oracle Financial System as requested.
  • Analyzes and interprets complex fiscal and statistical data to identify issues and significant trends and recommend specific actions to management
    Researches, analyzes, and writes countywide financial policies and procedures for departmental guidance and county compliance.
  • Assists the Controller in the analysis and review of countywide internal financial controls. As appropriate, makes recommendations for change in policies or practices, develops implementation plans, takes the lead in the change process, and follows up on compliance.
  • Attend trainings as required by Supervisor.
  • Other duties as assigned by Supervisor.



  • Graduation from a four (4) year college or university with major course work in accounting, including 45 quarter hours (or the equivalent) of accounting, commercial law and finance courses of which at least 30 quarter hours must be accounting; AND
  • Five (5) years responsible experience in the field of accounting (Three (3) years of which must be in a medium-sized or large governmental unit or auditing of such government units.); AND
  • Designation as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA); OR
  • Any satisfactory combination of work, education, training, or experience relevant to the position, as determined by Marion County.


  • Must possess a current driver's license in the applicant's state of residence and an acceptable driving history. Marion County will obtain a copy of the driving record for all qualified applicants from Driver and Motor Vehicle Services and review the driving record according to the Marion County policy and procedure for Driving on County Business. The policy can be found at:
  • Possess and maintain an acceptable driving record. A copy of the driving record for all qualified applicants will be obtained from the Department of Motor Vehicles.
  • The finalist for this position will be required to pass a criminal history background check; however, conviction of a crime may not necessarily disqualify an individual for this position.
  • This assignment is not represented by a union.
  • This is a full-time position, which is not eligible for overtime.
  • Typical Work Schedule: Monday through Friday, days, with flexibility depending upon the needs of the department and program..


  • Considerable knowledge of: principles, methods and techniques of quality accounting, including auditing, budget accounting, generally accepted accounting principles and professional standards developed by the Government Accounting Standards Board; statistical methods, principles of cost accounting and financial reporting, principles and practices of public administration; federal, state, and local statutes; Oregon budget law, rules and regulations applicable to government accounting.
  • Ability to: organize, direct and implement an effective fiscal reporting program; communicate effectively both orally and in writing; ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with co-workers, agency personnel, county officials, volunteer organizations and the general public; evaluate and improve the effectiveness of various accounting and business process applications and systems; prepare clear and concise reports and recommendations.


EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY: All qualified applicants will be considered without regard to race, religion, color, national origin, sex, age, marital status, mental or physical disability, or sexual orientation. To ensure the broadest range of services to individuals with disabilities, Marion County is prepared to make necessary arrangements. Please call at least two (2) working days in advance for services.

This announcement is meant only as a descriptive recruitment guide and is subject to change. Further, it does not constitute either an expressed or implied contract.


PO BOX 14500
Salem, OR 97309
(503) 566-3949
Position #036-2021-1

Chief Accountant - Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Supplemental Questionnaire

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* 4. This position requires 45 quarter hours (or the equivalent) in accounting, commercial law and finance, of which 30 quarter hours must be in accounting. Please describe your course work below including how many quarter or semester hours you have in each of the following areas: accounting, commercial law, finance.

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