Chief Financial Officer

Chief Financial Officer
Durham County Finance Department
 Durham, North Carolina
Job Description

Utilizing best practices in financial management, review and revise policies, procedures, and processes that support innovation, automation, and efficiency within the department.

Facilitate education and understanding of financial policies and procedures within the department and across the organization to build skills and improve efficiency while balancing the management accounting funds management, navigating federal, state, and private funding requirements, and ensuring compliance and adherence to deadlines across the department.

Thoroughly assess the functions and staffing within the organization – evaluating effectiveness, accuracy, and efficiency in service delivery; recommend and implement changes to support fair and equitable compensation and workload allocation, while building a sustainable culture of finance professionals with strong morale and a desire for growth.

Evaluate the function of the department’s current ERP system, making changes where necessary while planning for future upgrades or replacement of the system to improve department performance and workflows.

Work collaboratively with the County’s 27 departments to build an understanding and awareness of constraints and responsibilities of the Finance department and ensure commitment and compliance to quality service delivery for the County, its leaders, and the community.