Coordinator III - General Ledger

Coordinator III - General Ledger
Clark County School District Accounting Department
 Las Vegas, Nevada
Job Description

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This position functions as the responsible administrator in the General Ledger, Accounting Department, to provide efficiency and effectiveness, coordinates, and manages accounting functions of the Clark County School District. The position prepares and reviews the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report and the Popular Annual Financial Report, acts as liaison between external auditors, coordinates annual Comprehensive Annual Financial Report audits. The position also manages general ledger reporting for payroll, coordinates the reconciliation of the general ledger and the budget with the Budget Department, coordinates and manages all CCSD accounting functions, and supports all funds for financial reporting of the District. This position is directly responsible to the Director II, Accounting Department, Business and Finance Unit.

Education and Training

  1. An earned bachelor’s degree in accounting, business administration, or finance (must include a minimum of fifteen (15) credit hours of accounting) from an accredited college or university or currently serving as a professional-technical employee with the Clark County School District.


  1. Satisfactory service in corresponding or related positions, or have previously demonstrated five (5) years of successful supervisory experience related to the administrative position.
  2. Four (4) years of professional experience as an accountant.