Director of Finance

Director of Finance
Derby Public Schools USD 260
 Derby, Kansas
Job Description

Knowledge, Skill and Abilities

  • Manage finance activities to ensure efficient and lawful functioning of the school district.
  • Supervise and monitor the budget process and expenditure rate of the school district.
  • Provide direction in the development of the annual capital outlay plan.
  • Oversee the execution of the district’s worker compensation insurance program.
  • Review major contracts that the district enters into with external organizations before ratification.
  • Ensure applicable state and federal reports are submitted in a timely and accurate manner.
  • Provide expertise and financial information for short and long range planning purpose
  • Possess organizational and planning skills necessary to effectively communicate with the Board of Education, staff and community.
  • Possess leadership and supervisory skills necessary to effectively work with school district administrators and staff.
  • Provide leadership in improving productivity and accuracy.
  • Knowledge and ability to monitor Kansas’ legislation related to school finance.
  • Comply with all district policies, rules and regulations.
  • Working knowledge of Payroll Coordinator, Budget Finance Coordinator, and Purchasing/Payable Coordinator responsibilities to be able to fulfill roles.

Physical Requirements/Environment Conditions:

  • Requires the ability to sit and work on a computer for prolonged periods.
  • Ability to work in a stressful and demanding environment meeting critical deadlines.
  • Occasionally requires the ability to stoop, bend and reach.
  • Occasionally requires the ability to manually move, lift, carry, pull or push heavy objects or materials.
  • Requires the ability to occasionally travel.
  • Requires regular attendance and/or physical presence at the job.

General Responsibilities:

  • Perform the duties of treasurer as defined by KSA 72-1136 and Derby Public Schools Board Policies.
  • Supervise and direct the work of all employees in the finance department.
  • Take the lead in developing improvements in the financial management of the school system, including budget methods, format and presentation.
  • Oversee the preparation, publication and distribution of budgets as approved by the superintendent and the board.
  • Develop budget guidelines, supervise and coordinate the preparation of the budget and assist key administrators in preparing their budgets.
  • Supervise and monitor the daily, monthly and annual accounting and financial functions of all district funds and reporting procedures.
  • Assist in the presentation, justification and preparation of additional analysis required to understand the budget proposal for action by the board.
  • Work with community organizations and citizens in interpreting the financial needs and impact of the school system by providing program and financial data and analysis through personal appearances as appropriate.
  • Prepare analysis of program costs and methods of financing, including long range projections of requirements.
  • Coordinate regular budget meetings for staff for distribution of relevant information.
  • Ensure that an annual audit of financial activities occurs and that any recommendations from the audit report are acted upon.
  • Supervise and direct the work of all employees in the business department.
  • Coordinate yearly financial report.
  • Adhere to all district health and safety policies.
  • Keep abreast of Kansas school finance, budget and legislative issues through various means, and communicate pertinent information to the Superintendent, and other stakeholder groups as requested.
  • Other duties as assigned by the Superintendent of Schools which are consistent with the general requirements and qualifications of the position.