Director of Budget and Grants Management

Director of Budget and Grants Management
Norfolk Public Schools (Virginia) Budget and Grants Management Department
 Norfolk, Virginia
Job Description


This position is responsible for the direction of the development of the school system's budget. The incumbent serves as the long range planner for the school system, attempting to anticipate changes in trends or conditions that may affect Norfolk, and initiating and developing appropriate responses to these challenges.


  • The Director of Budget and Grants Management works under the broad direction of the Executive Director of Budget and Grants Management.


  • This position is at the senior staff executive and managerial level and is distinguished by its specific responsibility for the development of the school system’s budget.


  • Works with the Executive Director of Budget and Grants Management to develop the preliminary general fund budget for submission to the Superintendent, and the proposed general fund budget for presentation by the Board to the City Council and City Manager, and the final general fund budget for adoption by the School Board.
  • Works with school leaders to establish annual budgets for grant awards, regularly reports grant project status, and leads district level efforts to ensure projects are properly managed so that goals are accomplished within constraints of individual grant awards.
  • Recommends improvements in the system of allocations and controls for managing expenditures, assigning staff and overseeing personnel and non-personnel accounts to assure that budgeted amounts are not exceeded.
  • Participates in the development of salary scales and supports the division’s meet-and-confer process with representatives of employee associations.
  • Projects costs and analyzes expenditure patterns to predict areas of financial concern and possible budget surplus; leads administrative and citizen task force groups in the development of new approaches and initiatives.
  • Develops responses to inquiries from the Board, the media, and public concerning expenditure patterns and other issues relating to the cost of school operations.
  • Regularly prepares budget status reports for review by the School Board.
  • Other related duties as assigned.


  • Comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the laws, regulations, policies, precedents and practices for the organization and operation of the Norfolk Public Schools.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of budgetary planning, forecasting, development and financial management principles and practices.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of city policies and practices and financial situations as they affect the school system's budget.
  • Ability to communicate, both orally and in writing and to make effective presentations to the School Board, Superintendent of Schools, community, and public groups.
  • Skill in researching, compiling, analyzing, and evaluating extensive amounts of data on which to base forecasts and projections relative to the future of school system activities and needs.


  • Possession of a bachelor’s degree in business or public administration, finance, economics or related fields (M.A. or M.S. degree in public administration desired); and extensive progressively more responsible experience in public finance and budgeting.

To Apply:

  • All applications, resumes, references, transcripts, and supporting documentation for this position must be submitted to the Chief Human Resources Officer. Separate applications are required for all administrative positions. Application forms may be secured on the NPS website: