Director of Financial Services

Director of Financial Services
City of Fort Myers
 Fort Myers, Florida
Job Description


Under the general supervision of the City Manager, directs the activities of the City’s Financial Services Department to assure full compliance with all legal and contractual requirements. Provide professional guidance to assist decision-makers in ensuring the City’s financial security and stability is maintained. Ensure the overall goals and policies established by the elected officials are met. Provide guidance in the creation of programs, initiatives, staffing levels and other areas as necessary. Ensure accurate and timely budget and financial information is available and provided to elected officials and other users.


  • Annual Operating and Capital Budget preparation: Implementation and monitoring; prepare annual budget manual, calculate fixed costs, estimate revenues, establish allocations and guidelines based on policy direction or elected officials, review and propose budget for adoption, prepare annual budget document. Monitor operating results throughout the year, prepare and present quarterly budget reports. Implement and monitor performance measurements. Document annual goals and fiscal plan, establish legal guidelines and expenditures as required by law and provide guidance to City staff in administering their program and fiscal responsibilities.
  • Centralized Accounting, Annual Audits and Annual Financial Reporting: Record, analyze, reconcile, report and cooperate with audits of all of the City’s financial transactions. Provide guidance to other City departments to assure all financial transactions are properly included and accounted for accurately and timely and that internal controls procedures are consistently followed. Assurance compliance with laws, demonstrate fiscal responsibility and assure the accuracy and fair presentation of the City’s financial position and results of operations.
  • Cash Management and Investing: Invest idle cash pursuant to investment policy guidelines. Monitor cash balances daily and wire transfer funds as needed to maintain adequate balances, to pay debt service and payroll obligations, to cover check disbursements and to assure appropriate segregation of restricted funds. Maximize investment earnings, maintain adequate liquidity, assure safety of public funds and maintain compliance with laws and contracts.
  • Debt Management: Pay debt service when due; prepare compliance documents as required by existing bond indentures, including periodic arbitrage calculations and returns; respond to bondholder inquiries; plan, structure, coordinate and negotiate new financings as approved by City Council and review all documents prior to issuance; develop and maintain a debt policy and debt plan. Assure compliance with bond indentures and demonstrate fiscal responsibility to citizen, bondholders, bond insurers and bond rating agencies.
  • Grants and Contracts Management: Through review of capital improvement plans, discussions with elected officials and staff, develop funding opportunities for new and existing programs. Monitor program and fiscal compliance with grant documents. Centrally track all City contracts; initiate and implement procedures and guidelines for the preparation, negotiation, review, approval and ongoing compliance monitoring of all contact provisions; monitor delegated or assigned responsibility; notify appropriate departments of upcoming expirations in a timely manner. Ensure compliance with all provisions of contracts and grants between the City and other parties. Provide a centralized, efficient process for the administration of contracts and grants. Assure renewals, renegotiations or enforcement actions occur in a timely manner.
  • Centralized Purchasing and Procurement: Develop bid specifications and shop commodities and services in the open market. Recruit vendors. Train City Department staff to handle small-dollar procurement according to established policies and procedures and monitor these procurements. Maintain and update Purchasing Policies and Procedures Manual. Administer major commodity contracts as assigned (e.g., telephones, copiers, etc.). Administer the City’s Procurement Card Program. Maintain inventory control records and assure all City assets are properly tagged and periodically accounted for. Ensure competitive procurement practices and open competition for products and services. Keeps departments informed and provides guidance in following established policies and procedures. Assures compliance with laws and regulations governing procurement from public funds. Provides efficiency through volume pricing. Provides a system for safeguarding and identification of City assets.
  • Revenue Collection: Issue invoices, process mail and over-the-counter payments, collect revenue due on leases and contracts, administer liens and handle lien inquiries, actively pursue collection of delinquent accounts, maintain customer account records for general, special assessment, lot mowing and demolition receivables, develop and maintain sound internal controls for revenue collection and cash handling citywide, train staff and develop written policies and procedures for revenue collection citywide. Ensure efficient and timely collection of revenues due the City. Ensure compliance with laws and contracts.
  • Utility Accounting and Customer Service: Ensure compliance with ordinances, laws and bond indentures.
  • Financial Planning and Forecasting: Prepare long term projections and forecasts using assumptions based on economic conditions, growth projections, demand for services and projected capital needs requirements. Ensure financial stability and security through proper planning.
  • Switchboard and Mailroom: Responsible for oversight of the City’s switchboard, answering incoming calls and welcoming and monitoring visitors coming to City Hall. Responsible for overseeing the City’s mail function including the sorting and delivery of all mail citywide and the collection and processing of all outgoing City mail.
  • Prepare/review/approve agenda items, resolutions, ordinances, contracts and other miscellaneous proposals: Draft, critique and provide guidance to other departments and elected officials based on knowledge and understanding of the City’s policies, procedures, budgets and goals. Ensure the City’s rights are protected, policies are followed, goals and overall direction are maintained, and fiscal security and stability are not compromised.
  • Membership of various City boards and committees: Responsibilities vary by board and committee. Provide overall guidance and ensure fiscal policies are followed.
  • Direction, supervision, and development of Financial Services Department staff: Regular staff meetings, review and approval of work assignments as necessary, continuing education, delegation on-the-job training, performance evaluation, ongoing guidance and direction. Ensure efficient and effective staff performance in meeting the goals of the organization.
  • This position requires regular and reliable attendance and the employee’s physical presence at the workplace
  • Perform duties as assigned by the City Manager.