Finance Director/Comptroller (Chief Financial Officer)

Finance Director/Comptroller (Chief Financial Officer)
City of West Allis Finance Department
 West Allis, Wisconsin
Job Description
  • Oversees the day-to-day operations of the Finance Department (grant and TIF accounting, payroll, accounts payable/receivable, budgeting, debt issues)
  • Ensures maintenance of appropriate internal controls and financial procedures
  • Reviews and records complex accounting or budget transactions and makes allocations to designated accounts and funds to ensure uniform application of City financial policy
  • Ensures timeliness, legal and regulatory compliance for all financial functions and federal, state and local reports
  • Coordinates and leads the annual audit process; serves as liaison with external auditors by compiling financial data
  • Develops financial and narrative reports analyzing and interpreting accounting or budgetary systems and controls with recommendations for improvements
  • Assists in internal audits by performing audit field work, including program evaluations and reviews
  • Oversees special initiatives/project/program and grants accounting
  • In conjunction with Mayor and City Administrator, leads annual budgeting and planning processes
  • Administers and reviews all financial plans and budgets
  • Monitors progress and changes and advises Common Council of financial status as needed
  • Assists departments/divisions in the development of budget requests
  • Monitors the execution of operating budgets, investigates variances from projected expenditures or revenues, and recommends corrective action to department heads and other employees
  • Performs detailed reviews of financial reports and computerized systems to ensure that proper financial procedures have been followed
  • Develops, analyzes and interprets complex financial and statistical data to determine the costs of positions, programs, labor contracts, interdepartmental changes or department/division operations
  • Assists in the interpretation and analysis of the fiscal impact of new laws, codes, regulations or accounting standards and advises department/division heads and other employees of the fiscal impact
  • Confers with and advises department/division heads and other employees of generally accepted accounting principles, laws, codes and regulations, with authority to make commitments to establish proper accounting and budgeting treatment for financial transactions and procedures
  • Effectively communicates timely and concise financial information to internal and external customers
  • Works collaboratively with various other departments to develop, implement and administer employee benefits, bargaining contracts, and Economic Development projects
  • Serves as leader and supports city initiatives such as strategic planning, LEAN, and innovation
  • Acts as a positive role model, promoting effective team work, respect, demonstrating continuous improvement, innovation and excellence
  • Provides staff support to the Common Council and Committees and attends as required
  • Recognizes opportunities for improved efficiency and streamlined operations and implements changes as appropriate
  • Actively engages in efforts to promote innovation, operational excellence and continuous improvement activities on a day-to-day basis
  • Participates in meetings and completion of work activities outside of normal work hours when necessary
  • Performs all duties as City Comptroller [see Wis. Stat. 62.09(10) and RMS 2.61 (2) (b)]