Finance Officer

Finance Officer
City of Belle Fourche
 Belle Fourche, South Dakota
Job Description

State statute requires the Finance Officer to supervise the accounting system for all departments and offices of the municipality in accordance with the recommendations of the State Department of Legislative Audit, SDCL 9-14-19.

  • Control the functions of the Finance office, as well as Serve as custodian of official City records and public documents
  • Prepare analyze, and interpret accounting records, financial reports, government reports, statistics, and data processing services related to accounting including the review of financial statements with management personnel.
  • Implement standards and procedures to assure uniform accounting practices, in compliance with federal, state and local regulations
  • Assist Mayor/Council in the development and implementation of goals, policies, priorities, and procedures relating to financial management and budget,
  • Oversee the City budget process each year by working with department heads, Mayor and/or City Council; Certify annual tax levy to County Auditor
  • Attest the signature of the Mayor or City Council President on all disbursements, contracts or legal documents
  • Prepare the City’s annual report for the State Department of Legislative Audit
  • Direct internal audits involving review of accounting
  • Coordinate preparation of external audit materials and external financial reporting.
  • Ensure the City s compliance with all federal, state, county and city ordinances, laws and regulations as they apply to handling of municipal finances
  • Annually present to City Council a schedule of all lots which may be subject to proposed levy or assessment
  • Attend other committee meetings as requested.
  • Schedule, attend and record Board of Equalization meeting for appeals
  • Responsible for filing and payment of State and Federal reports
  • Responsible for the City election process
  • Retain and destroy records pursuant to SDCL 0-14-17 and SDCL 1-27-19
  • Keep federal SAM’s registration updated
  • Schedule computer replacements in Finance Office
  • Perform certification and recording for the City as required on legal documents and other records, seal and attest by signature of ordinances, resolutions, and contracts. Responsible for the corporate seal of the municipality
  • Provide public records and information to citizens, civic groups, the media and other agencies as requested
  • All duties and responsibilities of the appointed financial officer as per SDCL 9-14- 17