Grant Financial Analyst

Grant Financial Analyst
Boulder Valley School District
 Boulder, Colorado
Job Description


Provide grant financial information and support to the BVSD schools and the District.


  • Grant management and compliance; Assist to ensure compliance with various state, local and federal grants. Research, recommend, and evaluate issues related to compliance with applicable regulations, policies, grant agreements and contract provisions, as appropriate.
  • Develop grant budgets in accordance with grant requirements and aligned with proposed allowable activities of schools/departments. Coordinate grant budget submissions and revisions to applicable granting agencies or oversight entities.
  • High Level Analysis; Monitor and analyze grant and other financial activity (accounting and budget) for assigned funds or programs.
  • Detailed Analysis; Reconcile, analyze and investigate grant and other financial activities and budget adjustments, and month end balances for assigned fund or program.
  • Reporting – Accounting; Prepare and review monthly and quarterly GAAP-based financial statements under the modified accrual basis of accounting. Generate necessary reports to the Colorado Department of Education, granting agencies, and others.
  • Reporting – Budget; Provide input on and contribute to creation of assigned sections of the annual budget documents intended for distribution throughout the district and public at large.
  • Processes; Develop, document and implement procedures for day to day responsibilities related to budget development, monthly financial analysis, monitoring budget vs. actual information, and routine and ad hoc reporting.
  • Assist to coordinate with various other department staff to update the procedure manuals to be published on District website.
  • Benchmarking; Perform and consider improvements to benchmarking and comparison projects, which may include analysis of district-to-district date, school-to-school data, and district to State financial information.
  • Compliance – Internal; Monitor and verify compliance with District policies regarding procurement, budgeting and accounting.
  • Communication & Presentation; Participate and collaborate on District committees, as requested. Create presentations and training material, as necessary, for District leadership and school personnel to promote District policies, educate school/departmental staff, and respond to questions.
  • Capital Assets; Maintain and report on District capital assets by reviewing capital projects and other capital purchases, ensuring compliance with Board policy, and assist with annual physical inventories.
  • School Resource; Act as a resource and primary contact for school staff to accurately report student activities, navigate District accounting and reporting systems, ensure compliance with financial transparency laws and other District policies, respond to inquiries and assist to generate/review journal entries.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.