Chief Financial Officer

Chief Financial Officer
Prairie State College
 Chicago Heights, Illinois
Job Description

The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of the College provides executive leadership and administrative direction for the College's fiscal units. The CFO also provides leadership of contracted auxiliary services including food service and catering, vending, and the bookstore. This position works with vendors, faculty, and staff to meet the needs of and accomplish the college’s strategic goals and identified critical business operations to support student success.


  1. Reports directly to the President.
  2. Directly supervises Controller/Director, Business Services and the Executive Assistant to the area. As well as the Procurement Coordinator, Grant Writer, Budget and Risk Manager.
  3. Indirect supervisory relationship with unit managerial and support staff employees.

HOURS: The schedule consists of working minimally 8:00am to 4:30pm five (5) days a week.

RESPONSIBILITIES (including but not limited to):

  1. Serves as the principal advisor to the President on matters of finance and general administration and makes recommendations to the President regarding fiscal and operating policies and procedures.
  2. Oversees the planning processes in regard to budget and finance, establishes goals and implementation work plans for the division in line with the College’s strategic plan.
  3. Coordinates the development of the annual budget, including multi-year financial projections for planning purposes and special analyses and reports.
  4. Provides leadership in the recruitment, selection, evaluation and development of key staff in the Finance department.
  5. Financial oversight which may include supervision of auxiliary enterprises including bookstore, food service and catering, and vending.
  6. Serves as Treasurer of Community College District 515, by appointment of the Board of Trustees.
  7. Provides financial and administrative assistance to the College’s Foundation.
  8. Serves as the lead person on risk management matters, auditing, insurance, and procurement.
  9. Attends Cabinet meetings, Board meetings, and others as deemed appropriate, and prepares recommendations and supporting documentation as required.
  10. Develops and maintains proper budgeting, accounting, contracting, and personnel resources, report preparation, and management within the assigned units.
  11. Assure that sufficient funds are available for the College to maintain a positive cash flow, while keeping the President apprised of significant changes impacting the budget.
  12. Assesses College property tax needs and prepares tax levy requests for Board approval.


  1. Master's degree in business administration, public administration, or a relevant field.
  2. At least seven years of related experience, including at least three in higher education.
  3. Demonstrated experience managing accounting/business operations.
  4. Management experience in a collective bargaining environment.
  5. CPA.
  6. Excellent oral and written communication skills.


3/8/2023 (open until filled)


Minimum starting $89,410


All applications must be submitted electronically. Applications received after the closing date of 4/8/2023 are not guaranteed full consideration.