Senior Debt Manager

Senior Debt Manager
Oregon State Treasury
 Salem, Oregon
Job Description

Oregon State Treasury is recruiting for the position of Senior Debt Manager. The primary purpose of this position is to manage all aspects of debt issuance for select state agencies that are managed by Oregon State Treasury’s debt Management Department and provide oversight for certain conduit and local government issuances. This position has other debt management functions including ensuring issuance compliance with Oregon Laws and the laws and regulations governing the issuance of municipal securities as well as certain management functions of OST.

This position is classified as a Principal Executive Manager G. This position is located in Salem, Oregon. The salary range for this position is $93,768-$152,220 annually. Our top priorities during this public health crisis are employee health and ability to meet our essential responsibilities. We are taking safety precautions while continuing our business operations in order to keep employees safe and prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Oregon State Treasury (OST) is led by Tobias Read, State Treasurer, a constitutional officer and statewide elected official. OST is an organization with a wide range of financial responsibilities, including managing the state's pension fund, issuing all state debt, and serving as the central bank for state agencies. OST manages the daily investment of approximately $100 billion in assets, held in a diversified investment portfolio of domestic and international equities, fixed income securities, alternative and opportunistic investments, real estate, private equity and cash equivalents. OST also manages a banking program that processes over $250 billion in transactions annually, and a debt management program responsible for issuing and monitoring approximately $10 billion in state debt. The 150+ member OST staff takes great pride in their statewide and national reputation for progressive approaches to service delivery.

Our Values and Principles


We are committed to cultivating a culture that is diverse, inclusive, and respectful. We value and support the collective differences in who we are, it is what makes us stronger, and it helps us learn and grow. We celebrate the fact that everyone comes to the table with individual differences – shaped by backgrounds, experiences, cultures, thoughts, and ideas. We are devoted to prioritizing equity and addressing racial disparities, as well as ensuring a safe and accessible working environment for all. We believe all of this empowers our success and makes Oregon State Treasury an excellent place to work.

Position Responsibilities

This position directly supervises others. Responsibilities include planning, organizing, directing, staffing and coordinating day-to-day activities:

  • Lead various state bond issuance processes, including negotiating the lowest cost of funds and the most favorable terms for the State for bonds and obligations purchased by investment banks and other financial entities.
  • Commit the State's full faith and credit during negotiations for sale of general obligation bonds and General Fund secured debt.
  • Sign purchase contracts and closing documents for all state bonds and certificates of participation.
  • Devise, incorporate and implement the integrated use of external capital market information and economic data to facilitate an accurate comparison of State bond terms and interest rates.
  • Design, control, implement and manage the Division's integrated bond and market management and information systems.
    In conjunction with the Division Director, strategize and manage the Division's integrated debt issuance and debt management functions. Develop, integrate and oversee the maintenance of the Division's various information systems, including the Debt Information System.
  • Accurately prepare all bond related documents, including preliminary and final official statements for State of Oregon bond and COP issuances to ensure disclosure complies with SEC rules, laws and issuance procedures.
  • Analyze State agency bond issuance requests, anticipate problems in bonding structure proposed by State agencies and identify alternative solutions.
  • Make written bond issuance and structuring recommendations to State agencies for action and negotiate various aspects of bond financings with agency managers and finance analysts.
  • Analyze applicants and coordinate the selection of State agency underwriting syndicates.
  • Participate in the selection of State agency bond professionals, such as bond counsel, financial consultants, trustees and interest rate swap providers.
  • Coordinate the structuring and execution of interest rate swaps on behalf of various state agencies.
  • Coordinate the selection of the State's swap advisor and lead the development of the State's policies and procedures regarding agreements for the exchanges of interest rates and other swaps.
  • Ensure timely delivery of State bond documents to all required signatories. Prepare financial information for bond rating agencies, bond analysts, bond counsel, financial consultants and financial institutions.
  • Manage and make recommendations to the Division Director relating to bond issue compliance with state and federal laws and regulations and Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and lnternal Revenue Service (IRS) regulations.
  • Benefits of Joining OST
  • Employee premium share at 5% or 1%, for medical, dental, vision, and basic employee life;
  • Paid leaves, such as vacation, personal business, holidays, sick leave, and special holiday leave;
  • Participation in the Public Employees Retirement System (PERS);
  • Support with training and development so employees have the tools they need to reach their fullest potential;
  • Employees may be eligible to receive loan forgiveness under the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program (PSLF);
  • Optional benefits include optional life, short & long term disability, accidental death and dismemberment, Oregon Savings Growth Plan (deferred compensation plan), flexible spending accounts, long term care insurance, employee assistance program, weight watchers, and more!

Minimum Qualifications

You must have the following to qualify for this position:

  • Six years of management experience in a public or private organization which included responsibility for each of the following: a) development of program rules and policies, b) development of long- and short-range goals and plans, c) program evaluation, and budget preparation.

Desired Attributes

  • Experience with debt issuance processes including preparation of bond documents, credit rating agency strategies, credit enhancement, pricing and closing a transactions;
  • Experience managing deal teams including bond counsel, underwriters, advisors and other market participants;
  • Understanding of Securities regulations relating to Municipal Bonds
  • Experience with purchase contracts and closing documents for bonds;
  • Experience with capital market information and economic data integration; and bond terms and interest rates;
  • Experience designing, controlling and implementing bond and market management and information systems;
  • Excellent attention to detail, as well as written and oral communication.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills.
  • Experience with directly supervising others; including planning, organizing, directing, staffing and coordinating day-to-day activities.

How to Apply

  • In order to apply and be considered for this position, you are required to upload your resume, and a cover letter describing how your experience, training and education have prepared you for this position.

Special Information

  • Prospective employees are subject to an extensive background check that may include, but not be limited to, validation of all application materials, prior employment and personal references, credit history, driving records and fingerprint-based state and federal criminal and civil records. Adverse background data may be grounds for immediate disqualification.
  • OST does not offer visa sponsorships, and within three days of hire, the successful candidate will be required to complete the U.S. Department of Homeland Security form I-9, confirming authorization to work in the United States.
  • Eligible veterans who meet the qualifications will be given veterans' preference. To receive preference you MUST attach appropriate documentation as outlined by the Department of Administrative Services at the following website: Veterans Resources. You may also call the Oregon Department of Veterans' Affairs at 1-800-692-9666

OST is an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer committed to a diverse workforce.