Senior Grants Compliance Analyst

Senior Grants Compliance Analyst
TriMet Financial Services
 Portland, Oregon
Job Description

The Grants Compliance Analyst will be responsible for conducting the monitoring of sub-recipients and contractors on Statewide Transportation Improvement Fund (STIF) requirements of sub-awards, such as but not limited to, project, financial accounting and operations management, procurement, use and maintenance of project equipment, capital purchases, civil rights, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), charter and school bus and safety and asset management, and reporting requirements.

Sub-recipients are Public Transportation Service Providers which means a city, county, special district, intergovernmental entity or any other political subdivision or municipal or Public Corporation that provide Public Transportation Services. Public Transportation Services means any form of passenger transportation by car, bus, or other conveyance, either publicly or privately owned, which provides service to the general public on a continuing basis