Treasury Manager

Treasury Manager
City of West Palm Beach
 West Palm Beach, Florida
Job Description


Professional and administrative position supervising and coordinating accounts receivable, investment of City funds, collection of all City revenue, and cash management; and performs other related duties as assigned.

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES (Which are not in any hierarchical order)

  1. Manages and oversees a variety of accounting functions including general ledger, accounts receivable, collection activities, and all City investments.
  2. Prepares and monitors cash flow and capital requirements for the City operations.
  3. Analyzes receipts and revenues.
  4. Oversees reconciliation of all City bank accounts and investments.
  5. Oversees collection of public service taxes and distributes ad valorem taxes and all revenues.
  6. Analyzes trial balance trends, errors and unexplained additions or deletions.
  7. Analyzes and authorizes bond debt payment and calculates arbitrage rebates.
  8. Prepares periodic reports for investments.
  9. Oversees the management and administration of City Procurement cards.
  10. Oversees and analyzes credit card reconciliation and processing.
  11. Assists in developing strategy for increased collections of outstanding account receivables and liens.
  12. Assists department personnel in issues such as reimbursements, budget, cash forecasting, and related journal entries.
  13. Navigates interdepartmental relationships and external department relationships within the City.
  14. Evaluates policies, programs, and operations.
  15. Sets work priorities, supervises, motivates, and evaluates the work of assigned staff.
  16. Evaluates workload, assignments, and resolves interpersonal conflicts among staff.
  17. Reviews current procedures, work processes, and makes revisions to procedures and processes to improve customer service and operational efficiency.
  18. Performs other related duties as assigned