Julie Kim

Senior Fellow
Stanford Global Projects Center

Julie Kim is Senior Fellow at the Stanford Global Projects Center (GPC) and Urban Infrastructure Finance Fellow at New Cities Foundation (NCF). She has co-led GPC’s initiative in public-private partnerships (P3s) to help develop innovative and sustainable P3 business models in the U.S. market, drawing upon P3 global best practices over the last three decades. For NCF, Julie has also led Financing Urban Infrastructure Initiative addressing critical infrastructure needs in emerging economies in the face of rapid urbanization. Her research focus in recent years have been on private sector’s role in global infrastructure investment needs, innovative approaches to public sector revenue generation (including land value capture tools at local government level), and smart financing for emerging smart city technologies. Julie has over 30 years of experience in large-scale infrastructure projects in the U.S. and Asia, with a special expertise in transportation and real property development sectors. Julie was also Senior Researcher and Director of Asia-Pacific Infrastructure Initiative at RAND Corporation. Prior to RAND, she was a senior executive with AECOM and URS Corporation where her project experience encompassed all phases of infrastructure development projects from initial planning through design, construction, and operations phases. Julie was also the founding Executive Director of Collaboratory of Research in Global Projects (CRGP), a predecessor to GPC. Julie holds a B.S. in Civil Engineering from M.I.T. as well as a M.S. and Ph.D. in Civil Engineering from Stanford University.