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Awards for Excellence in Government Finance

Image from December 2021 GFR

Adversity and crisis may be difficult to navigate, but they are a powerful forge for innovation. This theme of innovation, of creating bold new ways of working amid unprecedented crisis, is the common thread that binds the seven winners of the 2021 GFOA Awards for Excellence in Government Finance. They reflect the changes the pandemic era has brought to our field—and how government finance officers rose to the challenges of taking care of our communities. From a small local government that stepped confidently into a digitally transformed work process to large governments that tackled income inequality and performance measures during pandemic upheaval, these seven winners exemplify the principles of the GFOA Awards for Excellence in innovation: adherence to best practices and outstanding financial management.

Selected from entries representing a diverse set of governments, this year’s winners provide inspiration, model examples, and implementation guidance for others looking to adopt GFOA’s best practices or to develop creative, innovative solutions to common government challenges. Here are their stories.

  • Publication date: December 2021
  • Author: Jara Kern