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Congressional Outreach Still Needed as Stimulus Talks Press On

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Washington D.C.

On December 11, the current continuing resolution funding the federal government expires.

Congressional leaders have expressed an interest in attaching coronavirus relief measures to any extension of federal funding. Negotiations are ongoing and initial indications are that including additional state and local government aid remains uncertain.

Unless Congress acts soon, the ability to use Coronavirus Relief Funds (CRF) for pandemic-related expenses will expire on December 30 and there will be no additional funding to help with responding to the ongoing pandemic and the residual economic fallout.

Additional Fiscal Stimulus is Needed for the Nation’s Economic Recovery:

  • As states and local governments move into 2021, too many are experiencing historic budget shortfalls as they continue to respond to the pandemic. Responding to the public health crises and the resultant economic crisis is expected well into the new year.
  • Even though previous federal bills in response to COVID-19 provided needed support through grant programs many communities rely on, they did not allow for the replacement of billions of lost revenue due to the pandemic.
  • Without additional federal aid, economic recovery will be significantly stalled as well as essential state and local services like education, health care, emergency operations, public safety, and more.

Your Senators and Representative(s) need to hear from you! Urge them to enact coronavirus relief measures that include assistance for state and local governments before the end of the year.

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  • Publication date: December 2020
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