Budgeting and Forecasting

2020 Award for Excellence Winner: Ada County

Ada County GFR Article

Ada County, Idaho, has made a new commitment to building trust within the community and giving the public open access to financial data in an interesting and intuitive format. To further this mission, the county developed an interactive tool, the Ada County Budget Explorer, to help citizens explore the fiscal 2020 budget. The tool helps citizens understand the budgeting process, demonstrates how the budget is distributed among service areas within the county, and illustrates the impact of these services on individual residents’ taxes. Phil McGrane, Ada County’s newly elected county clerk, explains, “The tool allows the user to access and analyze the budget on a broad level and hone in on information as specific as a line item.”

Ada County won GFOA's 2020 Award for Excellence in Governance Finance and made use of GFOA’s Public Engagement in the Budget Process Best Practice in creating its Budget Explorer.

  • Publication date: December 2020