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Better Together

Page from August 2021 GFR

Collaboration is a key value for GFOA. It helps shape internal policy decisions and informs our guidance for members. It is the basis of GFOA’s Financial Foundations Framework, which requires that finance officers work with their peers throughout government to develop more effective solutions to pressing challenges.

As an organization, GFOA is also stronger when it works with its peers. For years, GFOA has led the Public Finance Network, a consortium of associations representing local governments and other municipal bond issuers in Washington, D.C. We also rely on the strong relationships we have with our state, provincial, regional, and international associations, routinely working together to provide educational content, identify speakers for conferences, and get the word out about industry events like GFOA’s annual conference.

Over the past year, GFOA has focused on broadening those connections by entering into strategic partnership agreements with several organizations outside of public finance industry. Each alliance brings unique benefits to GFOA members and helps GFOA work toward its mission of advancing excellence in public finance to build thriving communities.