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FEMA Just-in-Time Training


The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Community Planning Capacity Building (CPCB) Team has worked in collaboration with more than 50 federal, state, local, private, and nonprofit partners, including GFOA, to develop the Just-in-Time Recovery Management Training (JIT RMT). The JIT RMT will provide local government officials with the information they need during the actual post-disaster recovery period. Ensuring that local governments are equipped with immediate information to tackle post-disaster recovery is essential for helping communities. JIT RMT is a resource that runs parallel with the recovery phases, providing concise material tailored for local governments to ensure a successful long-term post-disaster recovery.

GFOA would like to give special acknowledgement to FEMA’s CPCB team for their contribution to the article and their continued hard work with the JIT RMT.