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The No. 1 challenge I hear about when I speak to members is attracting and retaining talent. I’ve even heard it described as a crisis for government finance. While the solutions to the talent problem are multi-faceted, we believe that education and professional development are critical. GFOA is committed to developing best practices and strategies for finding talent outside of the public sector. We also want to partner with you in helping to develop existing employees, which is a strategy shown to help with retention.

Approximately 43 percent of all GFOA members engaged with us in at least one training session last year, and we hope to improve on that in 2023. More of our members should not only have the opportunity to learn best practices, identify strategies for solving common problems, and develop critical skills, but also to meet with each other, share their experiences, and engage with the best membership network in the public sector. As you navigate the challenges your government faces or plan for the next steps in your career, I encourage you to look at GFOA’s educational offerings throughout the year, especially the new initiatives we’ll debut in the coming weeks.