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Better Decisions in Three Steps

Page from June 2023 GFR

Managers face any number of challenges that require immediate attention and action, so the ability to make decisions and solve problems quickly can be critically important. One tool that can be of help is the triage decision-making process. Triage decision-making is used in emergency medical situations to determine the treatment required for patients, who are prioritized based on the severity of their condition and the likelihood of recovery, as well as what additional measures will need to be taken for them to fully recover.

This same approach can be applied to business management. Managers can use this to prioritize issues and allocate resources to address the most pressing problems. More importantly, it puts a process in place: each person knows how they fit into the triage decision-making process and can tap in if needed. Without triage and defined roles, the issue can escalate rapidly. Here is how to put it into practice.