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2022 Awards for Excellence in Government Finance

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When confronted with challenges, some people see only problems. Others see possibilities—and they find ways to turn them into opportunities. This can-do spirit is strong in the seven winners of the 2022 GFOA Awards for Excellence in Government Finance. Theirs are stories of serious adversity and unprecedented demands that open up to a silver lining of innovation and forward progress. You’ll find tales of tackling crumbling infrastructure and adjusting to pandemic-induced surging population growth, transforming onboarding and collaboration in remote work, and bringing equity into discussions from transit to student outcomes, among others.

These seven winners were selected from entries across a diverse set of governments and agencies in the United States and Canada. They are shining examples of innovation and outstanding financial management—and their work offers lessons for others who want to implement GFOA best practices or solve common challenges in new and creative ways. Ready for a dose of inspiration? Here are their stories.

  • Publication date: December 2022
  • Author: Jara Kern