How Procurement Officials Can Help Keep the Air and Water Clean

Image from GFR

For generations, procurement has been regarded as a way of getting goods and services into the hands of state and local government agencies—but purchasing dollars can also be used to help advance policy initiatives.

Environmentally preferable purchasing (EPP) is a perfect example. The idea is simple: If an entity is purchasing a good or a service, and can spend the same (or potentially even less) money in a way that’s beneficial to the environment, why not do it? There’s a seemingly endless list of purchases that can be made with an eye toward sustainability and environmental soundness, beginning with lawn mowers, leaf blowers, fleets of vehicles (including buses), paper, cleaning fluids, and more.

This article explores the role of procurement and how it can act strategically in achieving the mission of the public entity.

  • Publication date: June 2022
  • Authors: Katherine Barrett and Richard Greene