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In Brief: The Treasury and Investment Management Committee

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Because treasury and investment management are major responsibilities of government finance officials, GFOA’s Treasury and Investment Management Committee (TIM) tracks new developments in treasury management and investment practices and develops Best Practices and resources for government finance professionals and officials at all levels. The committee aims to help these government officials meet their objectives of operating a robust and all-encompassing government treasury office.

Over the past year, the committee has been working to develop additional resources to accompany best practices related to treasury management and investing that are intended to help state and local government finance officers and their entity’s treasury operations. In addition to our planned work, the COVID-19 pandemic brought a host of new issues for the committee to tackle. From developing remote work strategies for essential treasury functions to shifting investment goals based on changes in the market, the committee provided communications to members and created documents to help governments make successful plans.

Key areas that the committee has addressed over the past year include payables in the treasury office, receivables in the treasury office, cash flow forecasting, hiring investment professionals, and using purchasing cards.

  • Publication date: October 2020