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A Guide to Writing Job Descriptions - Senior Accountant

A Guide to Writing Job Descriptions - Senior Accountant

A standard job posting for a senior accountant will cover the primary responsibilities and the skills and knowledge necessary to be successful in the role. A well-written job posting will have a strong focus on ethics, long-term planning, and an emphasis on building a collaborative environment. You should also include values that help identify a candidate who prioritizes building trust with the public.

This position’s responsibility is spread into areas beyond a “normal” senior account. Having responsibility for AP and payroll likely distracts from accounting functions (and likewise with the accounting functions impact on AP and Payroll). The accountant will support the accounting manager/controller.

GFOA developed this checklist to guide you through the process of writing a job posting that will highlight the strengths of your community and finance office, and allow you to hire an individual with a long-term vision, excellent leadership skills, and strong ethics. As you write the job description, consider it as an opportunity to promote your community and organization’s values. Highlight the opportunity the position presents, and how a senior accountant fits within the overall leadership structure of the organization.

  • Publication date: March 2021