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Lessons for the Future: A Convening of Practitioners

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Local Government 2030 – Lessons for the Future: A Convening of Practitioners (the Convening) took place November 4-5, 2022, on the University of Nebraska Omaha Campus in Omaha, Nebraska. The event brought together 50 practitioners under the age of 40 from cities, counties, and regional councils around the United States to serve as delegates in defining and shaping the future of local governance.

Delegates were responsible for coordinating with others in their local government discipline to define and research common challenges and develop white papers and presentations prior to the Convening. While at the Convening, delegates engaged in a series of cross-discipline conversations and exercises that ultimately built to the development of three actions that the delegates have committed to advancing and implementing in their disciplines and communities. The three actions are highlighted in this report.

  • Publication date: December 2022