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Marion M. Gee Becomes GFOA President

Marion M. Gee Becomes GFOA President

(Chicago, Illinois-May 18, 2020) Marion M. Gee, Director of Finance, Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District, St. Louis, Missouri, became president of the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) on May 18, 2020. The election was held at the association’s annual business during its 2020 Virtual Conference.

Gee has been a GFOA member for 19 years. He served on GFOA’s Ethics Taskforce (2018 to 2019); GFOA’s Executive Board (2016 to 2020); GFOA’s Committee on Treasury and Investment Management (2011 to 2019; vice chair, 2011 to 2013; chair 2013 to 2014); and the Special Review Committee for GFOA’s Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting Awards Program (2004 to 2019). Gee was the co-chair of the Local Conference Committee for GFOA’s 2018 Annual Conference in St. Louis, Missouri, and coordinated a site visit to the Maline Tunnel Project for GFOA’s Built by Bonds press conference during the conference. He has advocated on behalf of GFOA members by discussing key priorities with elected officials and federal agencies during GFOA’s Committee Meetings in Washington, DC, from 2018 to 2020. Gee also is a past presenter and moderator for GFOA’s Annual Conferences. He co-authored the article, “Your First 100 days as CFO,” which appeared in GFOA’s Government Finance Review in 2016.

In his position as Director of Finance at the Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District, he oversees the preparation of the District’s comprehensive annual financial report, monthly financial statements, statistical reports, and other financial documents for dissemination to the Board of Trustees, elected officials, bond rating agencies, and the public. He manages the development of the District’s annual budget in compliance with its Charter, ordinances, and policy requirements and develops financial forecasts to ensure District expenditures are within the legal and financial purpose of appropriations and obligations. Gee is responsible for the development of rates, taxes, and financial plans to ensure adequate revenues exist to fund District operations. He also prepares the District’s Strategic Operating Plan as a member of the Executive Team.

Gee has served on the Boards of the Volunteers of America for the Kentucky/Tennessee chapter (past board chair, 2010 to 2011), United Way of Kentucky (board chair, 2010 to 2011), Louisville Science Center (board and finance committee member, 2008 to 2011), Kentucky Minority Suppliers Development Council (former operating board member, 2004 to 2007). He is also a member of the American Water Works Association.

He will serve on GFOA’s Executive Board for one year as president. Gee’s leadership will help GFOA continue to raise the bar of the government finance profession. His goals for GFOA are to continue to educate members on legislative matters as well as pronouncements made by GASB and MSRB; communicate initiatives to decision makers to ensure they understand the impact to GFOA members; pursue advocacy efforts, such as tax-exemption status on municipal bonds; and work with elected officials to identify opportunities for new legislation that strengthens the communities GFOA members serve.

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Contact: Chris Morrill, Executive Director/CEO

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  • Publication date: May 2020