Budgeting and Forecasting

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Budget Discussion with DC Water & Sewer Authority7/1/2020Podcast
Budget Discussion with Lake County, Illinois6/25/2020Podcast
Budget Discussion from Broward County Public Schools6/17/2020Podcast
Budget Discussion from City of New Bedford, Massachusetts6/10/2020Podcast
Uncertainty, Risks, and Budgets in the Age of Coronavirus6/1/2020GFR Article
GFR Audio: Uncertainty, Risks, and Budgets in the Age of Coronavirus6/1/2020Podcast
Balancing the Budget in Bad Times Part 25/13/2020Research Report
Financial Decision-Making Under Uncertainty3/27/2020Video Recording
Budget in the Language of AccountingMembers only2/1/2020GFR Article
GFOA's Budgeting Series ClassicsFor purchase1/1/2020Publication
The City of Cupertino, California, Takes a Budgeting Education Road Less FollowedMembers only12/1/2019GFR Article
Financial Foundations for Thriving Communities (E-book)For purchase5/9/2019E-Book
Financial Foundations for Thriving CommunitiesFor purchase5/9/2019Publication
The City of Thousand Oaks, California, Engages with Its CitizensMembers only2/1/2019GFR Article
New Taxes That Work: How Local Governments Can Raise New Revenues1/31/2019Research Report
Infrastructure Funding in the New Budget Environment1/31/2019Research Report
GFOA's Forecasting SetFor purchase1/1/2019Publication
GFOA's Financial Management and Budgeting SetFor purchase1/1/2019Publication
Linking Transparency to Sustainability: Strategies and Case StudiesMembers only8/1/2018GFR Article
Incrementalism: A Solution for Local Governments' Unfunded Liabilities?Members only4/1/2018GFR Article