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Understanding Financing Options Used for Public Infrastructure

Understanding Financing Options Used For Public Infrastructure (“the Primer”) provides an overview of tax-exempt bond and other financings used by state and local governments and entities. The Primer covers numerous issue areas related to tax-exempt financings. These sections include

  • The fundamentals of tax-exempt bonds and other financing tools that are available to state and local governments and related entities;
  • The role tax-exempt bonds play in infrastructure financings and as an investment product;
  • Congressional actions over the past fifty years related to this market

This Primer was prepared in coordination with several members of the Public Finance Network (PFN). The PFN is a coalition of organizations interested in preserving the tax-exempt status of state and local government bonds.

About the Public Finance Network
Formed in 1988, the Public Finance Network is a coalition of organizations united to preserve state and local government use of tax-exempt bonds. The Network represents the wide array of local and state government financing and infrastructure activities. The Public Finance Network is administered by the GFOA and its Director of the Federal Liaison Center, Emily Brock. For information about the Network and financing issues, contact any of its members, call (202) 393-8467 or write to 660 North Capitol St., NW, Suite 410 Washington, D.C. 20001.

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