Peter Gibbons

Disaster/Flood Recovery Manager
City of Longmont, CO

Peter Gibbons is the Disaster / Flood Recovery Manager for the City of Longmont’s Recovery Office, since 2016. Longmont is a Colorado city at the base of the Rocky Mountains in Boulder County, and a gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park. Peter stewards over $55 million in disaster recovery grants provided by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to the City. In September 2013 Longmont experienced a 100-200 year flood event that resulted in more rainfall over a few days in the mountainous drainages above Longmont than normally occurs in an entire year. The historic flooding resulted in over $100 million in documented damage to housing, businesses, and public infrastructure in the city. Peter holds Master’s degrees from the University of Wyoming in Environment and Natural Resources (MA 2014), and American Studies (MA 2014), and a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Colorado (Boulder) in Environmental Studies (BA 2006). His professional experience and interests span disaster recovery, human systems development, grant and data management, and organizational and community resiliency.