Budgeting and Forecasting, Capital Planning and Asset Management

Preparing and Implementing a Capital Improvement Plan

Course Overview


Preparing and Implementing a Capital Improvement Plan





Field of Study



Budgeting and Planning / Capital Planning and Asset Management


Offered Both as Group-Live Class and E-Learning Opportunity


16 (Group-Live) / 9 (E-Learning)

Capital assets are expensive: from planning, to construction, to operations and maintenance. Therefore, maintaining capital infrastructure in the condition necessary to preserve and enhance your community’s vitality and quality of life takes forethought and planning.

This course will walk you through examples using best practices in long-range capital planning, budgeting, and asset maintenance planning as a foundation to discuss successful methods and many of the common challenges associated with the process.

Learning Objectives

Those who successfully complete this seminar should be able to:

  • Learn the importance of preparing a long-range capital plan
  • Identify the key characteristics of an effective capital planning process
  • Learn what information you need to collect before you initiate a capital planning process
  • Identify common obstacles to developing a long-range capital plan and learn strategies to overcome them
  • Develop strategies for incorporating meaningful public participation in your capital planning process
  • Learn how capital project budgeting differs from the operating budget and how the capital budget can be incorporated into the annual budget document
  • Gain a better understanding of the role of the finance officer in preparing a capital improvement plan
  • Determine the impact of asset management on the operating budget

Who Will Benefit

CFO/Finance Director

Budget Manager

Budget Analyst

Debt Manager

Department Director

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Day 1

Day 2

Group Live

16 CPE

8 Hours

8 Hours



2.5 Hours

2.5 Hours

2.5 Hours


Scheduled Offerings

Format / Location

April 2021


September 2021

Note: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, GFOA has cancelled all Group-Live training events through September 2021.

Course Instructors

This course is taught by experienced budgeting practitioners and GFOA staff. Instructors will be familiar with GFOA best practices and have experience as finance director, budget director, or CEO of various size local governments.