President-Elect Application

Eligibility Criteria

  1. The president-elect shall either be a member of the existing GFOA executive board or a prior member of a GFOA executive board.
  2. Possess an understanding of the current goals of the organization and an ability to communicate those goals.
  3.  Public speaking ability, including the skills to effectively represent the organization before a variety of public and private groups such as U.S. Congressional committees, Canadian committees, state and provincial associations, other organizations of state and local officials, trade associations and the press.
  4. Experience in a variety of public finance disciplines.
  5. Demonstrated leadership ability, including the ability to work with an 18-member executive board, and the ability to develop consensus.
  6.  A clear understanding of the policy role of the president and executive board and the administrative and management responsibilities of the executive director and staff.
  7. A willingness to make the necessary time commitment.

President-Elect candidates are also expected to be available (in person at location of GFOA nominating committee meeting (New Mexico) for an interview on February 29 2024