Rethinking Police Budgeting: Practical Approaches for a Better Community


As with nearly all public services, police have been asked to do more with less and forced to assume roles and responsibilities outside of their core area of expertise. While these issues are not new, awareness and visibility of police misconduct is at an all-time high and has fueled public demand for change. How can finance officers work with their peers in public safety to implement reforms? All governments need to look at how police departments are funded and understand the role that line item budgeting, repeated budget cuts, and misalignment of funding and results has contributed to the current situation and the calls for change. In this session, speakers will address how to make improvements to how governments budget for police, build strong relationships in your organization, better engage the community, and work towards improving public trust.


Pall Gudgeirsson

City Manager (Retired), City of San Clemente, CA

LaDon Reynolds

LaDon Reynolds

Chief of Police, Village of Oak Park, IL