SGF Holds Annual Business Meeting at Austin at GFOA’s Annual Conference

Written by Jennifer Signs, Past Chair of Small Government Forum, Finance Manager/Treasurer, Lake Whatcom Water & Sewer District

What a success  GFOA’s Annual Conference was this year in the great state of Texas! That saying, “Everything’s Bigger in Texas” held true for the SGF’s Annual Business meeting with a larger than expected attendance  and a strong presence in this year’s session lineup.. It’s easy to say SGF is growing, being 600+ strong, and accomplishing its vision and mission of being a strategic partner in developing and supporting small government finance professionals to be leaders and visionaries by advancing the knowledge, skills, and expertise of our members. If you didn’t get a chance to attend the conference or the business meeting, below are some highlights:

Three sessions were tailored to the finance professional from a small government. Those sessions included Finance and the Environment: A Conversation with AGU Thriving Earth Exchange; You Can Do It: Developing Your First CIP; and Free but Not Easy: How to Find and Manage Grants. Each session was well-attended and received positive feedback. The presenters and moderators tailored their presentations to provide meaningful content to the small government professional. Through these sessions, the SGF was able to demonstrate who we are and what we do within GFOA to help our members thrive in their positions. 

With the support of GFOA staff, the leadership team was also able to conduct the Annual Business meeting in person at the conference for the first time. During that meeting, outgoing leadership team member Jeff Hansen of Golden, Colorado, was recognized for his contributions to the SGF, which helped lay the foundation for future growth. GFOA’s Executive Board Member and President-Elect Laura Allen addressed attendees about her experiences working for a small government. Lastly, there was a presentation that highlighted SGF’s accomplishments the past year and looked to the future of the organization..

This year SGF has been active in producing a quarterly newsletter, webinars on topics important to small governments, and  networking events encouraging open dialogue among members.

Some noteworthy articles covered:

  • One Order of Transparency
  • Risk Management Insurance
  • ARPA: US Treasury Final Rules Takeaways

Webinar topics included:

  • Making the Case to Elected Officials
  • Developing a Grant Program for Small Governments
  • Creating a Cybersafe Workforce

Networking events discussed:

  • Networking events discussed:
  • Financial transparency and payroll
  • HR in a remote environment.

Thank you to the SGF Advisory Committee for your leadership in these accomplishments. The Advisory Committee is composed of nearly thirty individuals from across the United States who contribute their  background, experience, and knowledge to help drive the content and topics presented throughout the year. There are three sub-committees of the Advisory Committee: Events, Professional Development, and Newsletter. Keep watch  for future communication regarding an opportunity to serve on the Advisory Committee in the coming months!

Not only did we have a year in review but we also had an opportunity to share goals for  the SGF  in the coming year. The Leadership Team along with the Advisory Committee members have  laid out topics for upcoming webinars and networking events to round out the year, which include Navigating the Audit Process, Strategic Planning, Insider’s Look, Tips & Tricks for Preparing for the CPFO exam, and broader involvement in the SGF from across the United States and Canada. 

Check out the SGF’s landing page here to find information about upcoming events, webinars (past and future), and newsletters.