SLFRF Recipients still Experiencing Issues, the Federal System of Award Management and mechanism for receiving a Unique Entity Identifier (UEI) is experiencing delays, and entities are facing challenges in completing the registration or reauthorization steps. A UEI is required to apply for Federal funding opportunities.

Users on, in particular State and Local Fiscal Recovery Fund (SLFRF) recipients, are facing confusion about the proper way to address multiple UEIs for the same entity, difficulty proving entity incorporation information through requested documentation, and general technical delays from increased site traffic. GFOA’s FLC has communicated these challenges to the U.S. Treasury’s Office of Recovery Programs that is overseeing the various coronavirus relief and recovery programs, but does not have oversight of

In the case that your entity is facing obstacles in, we recommend reviewing this UEI FAQ document published by the General Services Administration (GSA) and visiting the Help webpage. The GSA also suggests submitting a ticket to the GSA Federal Service Help Desk. Additionally, SLFRF recipients should consider emailing Treasury as well so that they are apprised of any reporting issues related to Note that registrants do not need to go through the entire registration process to receive a UEI. Please also feel free to share any communication or resolution of your issues with the GFOA FLC.