Speaker Pelosi Floats Pared-Down Stimulus Bill

On Monday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi introduced an updated version of the HEROES Act the chamber passed in May in an attempt to restart negotiations on the next coronavirus aid package. Among other things, the latest version includes approximately $436 billion in aid for state and local governments, additional funding for testing and contact tracing nationwide, and a restoration of the federal enhancement of unemployment benefits.

Recently the White House signaled a willingness to go up to a $1.5 trillion relief package. The Democratic bill does not go quite that low, but their proposal drops from $3.4 trillion to $2.2 trillion. This does not guarantee a deal will be reached this week, and in the absence of an agreement the Speaker is expected to bring the updated bill to the floor for a vote before Representatives leave for the October recess. Click here for a section-by-section summary of the bill.