Ember Strange, WPFN President

Finance Director, City of North Little Rock, AR

Why is the 2023–2024 WPFN theme, “Preparing the Next Generation of Women Public Finance Officers,” important to you?

“I recently attended the Arkansas State Government Finance Officers Association conference. I looked around and told one of my colleagues, ‘We are the seasoned ones in the group now.’ When I began my career in local government finance more than fifteen years ago, there was a whole group of women who were leading the charge in our state organization. Now I look around, just fifteen years later, and the charge is being led by individuals I started my career with.

I worry that in another fifteen years, we won’t have interest in the public sector, and thus why this theme is so important to me. We have to continue to show the next generation what a career in public finance is all about and the great opportunities that come with this career. We have to continue to influence, impact, and inspire the next generation to look at careers in public finance.”

Why do you think the 2023–2024 WPFN theme, “Preparing the Next Generation of Women Public Finance Officers,” is important for WPFN?

“I believe that it is particularly important to share WPFN with the next generation of public finance officers to give them an avenue to talk through challenges in the workplace that they may not feel comfortable discussing in other forums. Looking back, WPFN’s Mentorship Program would have been very beneficial to me starting my career as a young female in a management role.

If I can help make one person’s path forward easier because of my experiences or knowledge, then I will be happy. If I can impact the lives and/or careers of the next generation of women in public finance by sharing my experiences and knowledge through WPFN, then my role in this organization has far exceeded its purpose.”